Apple WWDC 2016 Siri

I think that the most important topic on WWDC 2016 is Siri, all is about that feature, it is a really revolution !!

Apple had underline the use of Siri on every type of OS (macOS, iOS,…).

Siri is considered among the seven great features in macOS Sierra.

An awesome introduction was made to Siri on macOS when Craig Federighi has said : « And this year, I’d like to unusual step of letting this features introduce itself. » and Siri says : « Hi, it’s me », Siri is coming to the macOS, awesome !!

Siri on macOS can : make sophisticated queries for files (« show the files I worked on last week about the offsite ») , refine query, helps for multitask (play playlist when we are on fullscreen presentation for example), help to complete presentation (drag and drop Siri result on a presentation), search web, send message, search for a movie,… and many others features !!!

And as usual to extend feature’s functionalities, Apple open the door to developer by offering Dev Kit.